The exhibition of Class 8 projects is always highly anticipated. It is the culmination of a year's worth of focused study by pupils on an area of individual interest.

The projects are diverse. Some reflect long-standing areas of interest, others offer a chance to develop a new skill or knowledge. 

This year they ranged from studying the physics of a magnetic levitation train to creating beautiful models of the Platonic solids.

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Pupil with models of platonic solidsPupil with street artpupil with camera

Chair made of tirespupil with model of horsehead

pupil with black and white photographsPupil at archery stand


Class 1 Create a Dyer's Garden

Boy carrying bucket

Class 2 pupils are creating a dyer’s garden. This week they have sown the seeds of plants such as camomile, weld and woad, which will be used next session to dye wool.

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Visiting Students

The school welcomes pupils from all over the world into our friendly community which encourages multicultural diversity. Each year, pupils from abroad attend our Upper school for one term or longer. They are placed with approved families who are connected with the school. Through this process, which also fosters independence, they quickly become valued members of the school community. Find out more

Teacher Training Course

Foundation Seminar: This course offers an opportunity to explore the ideas of Rudolf Steiner at a deeper level

The school offers a part-time teacher training course. Taught over three years, it qualifies students to teach at most Steiner Schools across the UK. For more information about the course, click here. Find out more 

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The Edinburgh Steiner School is a member of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, which represents Steiner schools and independent Steiner Early Years settings in UK and Ireland. 

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