Unique to Steiner Schools, Main Lessons provide every pupil with a broad spectrum of learning experiences throughout their education.

Beginning in Class 1 and continuing throughout the 12 years of their education, Main Lessons are topic blocks which are carefully constructed to provide a balance between Humanities, Sciences and Crafts. 

Upper School teacher, Renske Brune, describes a recent Main Lesson for Class 11.

"The most important aspect of the Main Lesson is to address the heart, the hands and the head of the pupil in approximately equal measure.

In more anthroposophical terms; these three aspects are called the feeling, willing and thinking. The feelings are engaged through stories and beautiful imagery, the willing through practical work around the subject and creating the main lesson books, and the thinking through the more intellectual content of the main lesson.





In the recent Botany Main Lesson, we looked at the role of plants in our lives, and the way they played a crucial role in our expressions of art, poetry, love and loss. We also looked at the relationship between plants and the elements. We engaged the will through experiments involving touch and book work involving extensive artwork. The pupils learned about the evolution of the plant kingdom and their healing properties, as well as aspects of photosynthesis.

 Trips out to several gardens, including the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, expanded and reinforced aspects of the work undertaken in class."

Class 11 pupil, Peer, said, “I really enjoyed looking at both the scientific side and the beauty of plants because I felt it gave us a rounder picture and allowed us to explore and broaden both areas of our knowledge.”








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