Edenwood Outdoor Class for 5 to 6 year olds

In response to the changing needs of children, the Edinburgh Steiner School is offering a new outdoor class for 5-6 year olds as a preparation for entry into our Class One. As we become increasingly less active in the outdoors in our daily lives, our children are losing the connection with nature so vital to developing healthy senses and social skills.

The focus of this class will be to use the richness of the natural world and changing seasons to develop the senses and strengthen the will of the child. The teaching will be play-based and skills of negotiation, sharing, diplomacy and communication are learnt the social interaction of shared play.

Numeracy and motor skills will be developed through seasonal themed crafts and counting objects that the children have collected on their nature walks. They will follow a very structured and rhythmical daily, weekly and seasonal routine. Once a week the group will visit a nearby woodland to encourage walking and witness the changes in nature.

The class will run from 08.40 till 12.40 Monday to Friday.

For more information and to enroll please email the school office or phone on 0131 337 3410.


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