Exam Results & Destinations

National exams are taken in Classes 10, 11 and 12, with a mixture of English GCSEs, National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers (Art) being offered. The particular mix arises from the teachers’ study of which exam will best fit into the Steiner curriculum and allow the most latitude for study.

Qualifications, Exams and Careers Handbook (2023)

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We are now also registered as a centre for the delivery of Integrated Education.


It is worth noting that Edinburgh Steiner School has a comprehensive intake approach and does not select on academic grounds at any stage, and yet our Exam results are well above the Scottish average and compare favourably with other independent schools in Scotland.

(Alistair Pugh, Examinations Coordinator)


The lives and careers our pupils go on to lead are as individual as the pupils themselves. Over ninety per cent of our pupils continue on to further education. Our former pupils have gone on to excel in a wide range of careers from doctors, lawyers and business professionals to artists, academics and entrepreneurs.

In fact, it was noted by School inspectors that there was an above average number of former pupils engaged in entrepreneurial activities, reflecting the success of the education in developing creative thinking and the determination to see projects come to fruition.


For more detailed information, you can read our comprehensive Qualifications, Exams and Careers Handbook (2023-2024)


You can find out about some of the career paths taken below:

Ilya Maclean  Senior Lecturer in Natural Environment, University of Exeter

Elise Cartmell Chief Scientist, Scottish Water

Hannah Pepper Doctor and Surgeon

Vixy Rae  Entrepreneur, Author & owner of the oldest bespoke tailors

Sam Heughan – Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur