Christmas Market

This annual parent-led event provides a wonderful opportunity for us to welcome people into the school and showcase the incredible creative talents of the school community. Traditionally, around this time of year we’d be inviting you to join us for a magical day of food, carols, storytelling, beautiful gifts, and lots of twinkling lights. 2020 is a very different year for all. In response, we have created an Online Christmas Celebration of family-friendly festive events to help you to bring a bit of Christmas Market magic to your home.


You can keep up to date with the event by following the dedicated Facebook page.


This event is the school’s largest fundraiser, bringing in over 2,000 people through the gates. The Christmas Market Spending Group, made up of volunteers who meet once a year, are responsible for deciding how the proceeds are invested back into the school.


In previous years, these funds have financed a number of projects, including the Kindergarten Water Feature, digital cameras for school use, gymnastics equipment and the projects featured on the right. Last year’s most exciting purchase was a pottery kiln for use in the ceramics class. The kiln will be used to create fired glazed pottery and we look forward to seeing some inspirational creations in the near future.



Christmas Market Spending Group: Project Funding

Proceeds from our annual Christmas Market are used as a school community funding pot for appropriate uses.


These monies are intended for projects/items that will benefit school life and enhance the experience of the pupils, but are not classed as ‘essential’, core educational needs or general school maintenance/development.


As a subgroup of the PTA, the spending group consists of parent volunteers and a staff member who process applications which are encouraged from all in the school community.


The Christmas Market Spending Group is asking applicants for Christmas Market Funds to now use an online form through the following link here: Applications 

Further communication with the group is to be directed by email only.


Completed forms should include all necessary information (supplier, quotes, costs) along with any supporting details you feel is relevant to assist the group in making a funding decision.