School Rules

We expect that all members of our school community are considerate to others, and that they try their best at all times.

  1. We should all feel safe and free from words and actions that, intentionally or otherwise, hurt others.
  2. In class every pupil has the right to partake in the lessons free of interruptions and distractions.
  3. We should be protected from activities that may cause physical or mental harm.
  4. We should actively promote good ‘Health & Safety’ practice.
  5. Mobile phones should be turned off within the school grounds.
  6. We should follow the School Rules in order to make the above rights and freedoms available.

Among the special aspects of a Steiner School is the need for a strong social environment that is provided by parents/guardians working together to support the educational work.

Dress Code

As the school does not have a uniform, the requirements for school dress are based on considerations of health, neatness and cleanliness together with practicality and suitability for school. Therefore we seek the co-operation of parents/guardians and pupils in steering a course between strict formality and casual attire.


The school considers punctuality to be of vital importance. It is therefore expected that parents/guardians help provide uninterrupted and punctual attendance at school. To arrive late for the start of school or individual lessons is not only inconsiderate towards the Class and disruptive to the flow of the lesson but, if allowed to continue, can give rise to the formation of habits that may be hard to break in later life. School begins at 8.45am prompt and pupils should be in their classrooms by 8.35am.


Edinburgh Steiner School does not condone bullying under any circumstance, be it physical or psychological in nature. Any report of an incident of bullying, whether by a child, a concerned parent/guardian or a member of staff, will be taken seriously.

The Parents Handbook provides full guidance on how the school operates and policies and rules.