Edinburgh Steiner School

Session Dates

Autumn Term 2014

Term starts: Thursday 28th August  (kindergarten start Friday 29th)

Monday holiday: 15th September

Half Term: Friday 10th October (1pm) – Tuesday 21st October inclusive. (Tuesday 21st is in-service day for teachers)

Advent Prep Day: Thursday 27th November (1pm) & Friday 28th November

Term ends: Thursday 18th December  (1 pm)


Spring Term 2015

Term starts: Thursday 8th January

Half Term: Friday 13th February (1pm) - Friday 20th inclusive (Afternoon of Friday 13th is in-service for teachers)

Term ends: Friday 27th March (1 pm)


Summer Term 2015

Term starts: Thursday 16th April

Half Term: Friday 15th May (1 pm)  – Tuesday 19th May inclusive (Afternoon of Friday 15th may be used for teachers’ in-service)

Term ends: Wednesday 1st July  1 pm (kindergarten finish on Tuesday 30th June)


Session 2015-16

Autumn Term 2015

New session starts on Thursday 27th August 2015 (Kindergarten start on Friday 28th August 2015)