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Main Lesson In Craft: Tangible To Digital

Straddling the digital and physical as we do, iGen pupils create three products perceptible by touch, learning to make, photograph, and market online using optimise SEO on handmade selling platforms such as Etsy.


In three groups, pupils in Class 9 are beginning each morning developing a felted product to sell online and at the Spring Fair in May:

  • Tumble dryer baaaaaalls that are natural, reusable and chemical-free. They help soften clothes naturally, increasing fluffiness and as the dryer tumbles, eliminating the need for fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Drying the clothes faster, they let you use less energy.
  • Felted soap bars are for the bathroom. They are fragranced with tea tree and when used in their normal fashion, the exfoliating power of wool creates a lather like a shower puff, making the soap last longer and gives a more effective wash.
  • A hanging jellyfish lamp, with lots of colour. It is made by using various and complicated felted techniques. The final product is dreamy and beautiful, diffusing an LED light through the opaque structure to set a night-time room.


Starting with the raw material of merino wool, the pupils will take these aesthetic and practical products from making them with their own hands, through to pricing, pitching and marketing them both to a Steiner Waldorf market at the Spring Fair (less packaging, no postage, highlighting their eco messaging) and online shoppers (photographing and describing the product, fashioning a seller profile) – learning the distinctions and common fibres of the two business routes one can take.


They are a very entrepreneurial bunch,” says teacher and Etsy seller, Madame Craig. “Pupils learn both the practical process and the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines to the platform they set up. The higher the website is listed, the more people will see it, the more your product will sell….

The aim of this Main Lesson is to give the tools to pupils to have a successful business online if they one day choose to have one. There is still huge value in using our hands, both economically and for our wellbeing. This education teaches that.”


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