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Class 8 Crowds For Thousands With Pizza Project

Pizza project: Organic pizzas made from scratch provide Class 8 with a fundraising opportunity throughout the academic year for their four-week exchange with sister Waldorf school in Coburg.


Class 8 have a busy fundraising calendar, working towards their end-of-year exchange with a sister Waldorf school in Coburg, and their pizza enterprise provides a significant slice of funds.

This Thursday will be the Class’s last Thursday of the Spring Term making and serving pizzas. They will have made some 1,700 lunches over the ten weeks, working towards their Exchange, which costs in the region of £9k.

The pupils start to build the fire at 10am so as to get the kiln hot enough to clay-bake the pizzas for alfresco lunches. They prepare 15kg of organic flour into fresh dough that is then left to rise; before being portioned, rolled out and topped with delicious organic ingredients.

The Class work both outside for first-come-first-serve small pizzas, and in the School kitchen, rustling up the pre-ordered school lunches, delivered by the Class 8 pupils to the Classes.

The Class 8 pizza making project, alongside topics like the revolutions of history and volume and platonic solids in maths bring a worldly perspective and understanding. Not to mention, amongst other sciences, human anatomy and the intricacies of the internal organs. It is fascinating to enable all of this combining and merging in adolescence. They sometimes think they are 18-year-olds and other times recoil back into childhood,”

says Interim Head of School, Nick Brett.

The early teens are unconsciously beginning to realise the answers to where they come from, who they are, how they are in themselves.  They are exploring, discovering and tuning their instrument. At times the energy given off by teenagers is one of “Oh, this is so tiring, do I have to? ” Their will  becomes swamped and overwhelmed.  All the more reason to get involved, says the curriculum! The Pizza Project gives a sense of engagement that is real and inspiring for Class 8.”

This weekly endeavour, coupled with other one-off fundraing events, enables the Class to do their trips and outings – the Coburg Exchange especially – at a very low cost.


They hosted their sold out Germany Quiz Night on campus on Friday night with the help of their families. The Class will also be putting on a performance of their play ‘One Stoplight Town‘ at the Founder’s Day Spring Fair, as well as showcasing their IE Award Independent Projects in an exhibition in the School Hall the same day.


The Pizza Project and above fundrasing initiatives offer a platform for the teenagers to cultivate essential skills and experiences on top of the international reward of four weeks in Coburg with their classmates. It may seem an easy and fun experience, but in order to meet the deadline of some 150 pre-ordered pizzas each Thursday from the kitchen and 35 from the kiln, the Class has to work hard.

The pupils are managing raw ingredients and cooked products, money and contactless payments, the responsibilities that unfold throughout the day to provide peers with lunch and their own school timetable. Each term-time Thursday.

From starting the fire and feeding it to heating the whole oven, then dressing the pizzas, selling them to excited children, working out how much change to give, and now, brand new – using the card reader for sales: Team work! Everybody plays a role and there’s no such thing as a ‘free pizza’. Class 8 have learned so much!”

says Gardening Teacher, Uschi Rosmanith, who is the Teacher overseeing the outside preparations and stall. 


Rustling up 185 pizzas a week this term, cook Kike adds:

Baking the record 👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳!!!”


With the first two terms under their belt, they are ready for the third and final Summer Term.

Fresh School Lunches for the Summer Term, including organic pizzas, can be pre-ordered now; or pick up a clay-baked one straight from the flames if you are early.


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