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Circus Arts Show

The Circus Arts, Gymnastics and Acrobatics Coaching Team is very pleased to announce that the newly formed Performance Group will be putting on a 30-minute programme of short presentations designed by the pupils.
This new Group, invited from the three (soon to be four) after school Circus Clubs for Classes 1 – 7, brings together pupils of mixed ages with a strong interest and high skill level in circus skills and acrobatics, developed in or outside the School. Older pupils proficient in gymnastics, tumbling, silks, trapeze, human pyramids, beam work, walking globe, juggling, unicycle have also been invited to join.
Focusing on creating acts, performance and presentation, this Club is enabling participants to hone in on their areas of strength and expertise; whilst continuing to work at developing new skills and techniques particularly in relation to collaborating with partners, working in groups and at times all together.
An invitation is open to all pupils in the Circus Clubs, parents of performers and teachers to watch their show in the School Hall.  The event is on Thursday 24th March, at 4.30pm – 5pm; and there will be a requirement to wear a mask.
This is a free event. By the request of pupils, there will be a donation box at the end for the Waldorf School in Kiev.
The Clubs are held by Antonia Maerker, Maricel Campbell and Chlomo Hutcheson; and overseen by Steiner Waldorf PE Teacher, Peter Sheen.  Learn more about the Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Circus Arts & Aerial Clubs here.