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Class Photographs

A School Photograph is an important part of school life, documenting classmates, future lifelong friends, and jog the memory of others in adulthood. The School considers it a valuable keepsake.


Mike Biagi will visit the School to capture each Class’s school photographs on Friday. He has been our School photographer for over three decades, starting in the year 1986.


Please be on time for school; and adhere to the School Dress Code Policy.


The black and white photograph above was taken in 1946 by the Moffat Photographers – the family business of Pelham Moffat, founder of Edinburgh Steiner School. Included in an Edinburgh photography exhibition at the City Art Centre in 2006 exhibiting the works of Albert Watson, the two circled children are the photographer himself and his future wife, Elizabeth, at just 4-years-old. They were pupils of our School.


Elizabeth has turned her back because she didn’t want to be next to him. She is quoted in The Scotsman saying: “He’s sitting next to the teacher – for a reason. Albert was very disruptive in class. Very silly.” Watson was a little more extrovert back then. “Much more so than I am now,” he agrees. “She was already quite sophisticated. You can see the woman she would become.” This year they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.


Elizabeth gave Albert his first camera. Then new parents, she told him to “get out of the house and do something”. He is now considered one of the 20 top influencial photographers of our time.