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Whole School Field Day

Pupils from Classes 1 – 12 will come together, as part of the end of the school year celebrations, for some challenging, exciting and fun relay races/games at Harrison Park on the other side of the canal from Polwarth Church.

Pupils will be chaperoned to and from the Park with dismissal for everyone at 3.15 pm from School. Classes 1 – 3 are invited to stay for a ‘long day’ on this particular Tuesday. (Please inform your Class Teacher if you will not be attending).

Appropriate clothing and footwear for running, jumping etc is important. A hat, sunscreen and a water bottle would also be advisable, especially if it is warm/hot! Bare feet may be allowed at the discretion of Class Teachers and Guardians.

Let us hope the weather will be kind as unfortunately there will be no rain date. Lessons and dismissal times would be as on a regular Tuesday if the event is cancelled.

ESS is particularly successful at engaging pupils of all abilities in physical activity. Introduced inclusively without notions of inadequacy, losing and social status, participation and performance can thrive, embedding an enduring energy for a healthy life.

Parents/Carers are welcome to attend and witness the fun. We look forward to seeing you there!