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Steiner Waldorf Olympic Games

School trips form an important part of the curriculum. They widen the educational experience and the whole Class is expected to take part.


In Class 5, the curriculum deals with Ancient Greece. The children take part in an organised Olympic Games camp at Michael Hall Steiner School in Sussex.


This is an occasion when many Class 5s from across the UK come together. 11-years-old is a time when children become physically able but don’t yet have the heaviness or weight of teenage years. This balance of lightness of childhood and growing physical potential is reflected in the curriculum, in part by a study of Greek culture.


Outings are a vital part of our education: from short, local trips into nature in the Early Years, to cultural excursions, museum and farm visits, and extended residential trips to national and international destinations for older pupils.


Outings are about experiences, and each experience—which might involve practical, experimental or project work – is carefully planned to fit with a particular stage of the Steiner curriculum.



NEWS Pupil Opinion: Steiner Waldorf Olympic Games with gallery and clip of Opening Ceremony (2023)


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