Do you organise trips and outings?

Outings are a vital part of our education: from short, local trips into nature in the Early Years, to cultural excursions, museum and farm visits, and extended residential trips to national and international destinations for older pupils. Outings are about experiences, and each experience—which might involve practical, experimental or project work—is carefully planned to fit with a particular stage of the Steiner curriculum.


For example, Class 5 study Ancient Greece as part of their Main Lesson programme, and attend an Olympic Games along with other Class 5’s from across the British Isles. Over four days in June they camp out in the grounds of another school, live and eat like ancient Greeks and compete together in events such as wrestling and running. Another example might be Class 11’s main lesson in surveying. To complete this course, the whole Class spend 5 days in the Highlands collecting accurate data using theodolites and measuring tapes to create a scale map of an area of the Cairngorms. Every Class will have at least one outing each year.

Steiner Waldorf pupils from across the UK – and sometimes abroad from one of the 80 countries where there are Waldorf schools established – come together for the Class 5 Olympics.


Pupils visit the local biodynamic working farm (in Class 9 for up to two weeks): helping to sow crops, harvest vegetables, milk the cows and experience life on a working Demeter organic farm.


Pupils explore historic parts of Edinburgh as part of their Main Lesson. Photo by former pupil Jacob Murray