Our People

It is our staff’s enthusiasm, determination, commitment and ability to inspire our pupils to strive for success that sets our school apart.


To contact a member of staff below, the individual’s School email address is: firstname.surname@edinburghsteinerschool.org.uk

Board of Trustees

Mike Palmer

Chair of Trustees

Thomas Moore


Juan Carlos Soto


Corinna Tebbutt


Tobias Emonts-Holley


Rod Grant


Management Team

Nick Brett

Chair of Management

Helen Newton

School Coordinator

Alistair Pugh

Co-Chair College of Teachers

Hester Machin

Co-Chair College of Teachers

Susie Musgrave

Early Years Coordinator

School Finance

Donna Ewing


Non-teaching staff

Jenny Innes

Admissions Officer

Sarah Miller

Communications Coordinator

Lynn Keggie

School Office

Kathleen McMichael

School Office

Karin Meys

Overseas Pupils / School Lunches

Jane Dewer

Lower School Librarian

Ian Sutherland

School Caretaker

Marta Kalfas

Wraparound Leader

Marianna Bauko

Eurythmy Therapy

Specialist Teachers

Renske Brune

Exam Biology & Maths Teacher


Wendy Boyd

Exam German Teacher


Penny Reid

Exam Art Teacher


Kirsty MacDonald-Russell

Exam English Teacher & Main Lessons

Michael Hooper

Exam Physics & Biology Teacher

Alistair Pugh

Exam Geography Teacher / Main Lessons

Karine Greffin

Exam French Teacher

Richard Baldock

Woodwork Teacher

Peter Sheen

Physical Education Teacher

Camille McHaffie

Handwork Teacher


Daniela Ciurariu

Eurythmy Teacher

Rachel Craig

French Teacher / Main Lessons

Leonie Le-Maistre

Form Drawing, Modelling, Art Teacher

Ximena Rohde

Class 1 Teacher (2022)


Javier Gonzalez

Subjects Teacher / Classroom Assistant

Deirdre Hill

Religious Education / English

Foppe Jellema

Gardening / Religion Teacher

Karin Meys

Stained Glass / Basketwork Main Lessons

Mary Trodden

Art Teacher

Carlijn Metselaar

Music Teacher

Craig Herbertson

Upper School Philosophy Teacher

Lower School Class Teachers

Class Teachers will ideally stay with their class cohort for a period of eight years, from Class 1 to 8.


Molly Gibb

Class 1 Teacher


Lisa Gordon

Class 2 Teacher


Jenna Dunlop

Class 3 Teacher

Bruce Houldsworth

Class 4 Teacher


Karen Ford

Class 5 Teacher

Vivian Markovich

Class 6 Teacher

Vivienne Mackay

Class 7 Teacher

Nick Brett

Class 8 Teacher

Upper School Class Guardians

Class Guardians will ideally stay with their class cohort for a period of four years, from Class 9 to 12.

Karine Greffin

Class 9 Guardian

Hester Machin

Class 10 Guardian

Foppe Jellema

Class 11 Guardian

Deirdre Hill

Class 12 Guardian