Visiting Students

We welcome pupils from all over the world, who attend our Upper school for one term or longer. They are placed with approved families who are connected with the school, and they quickly become valued members of the school community.

In order to fully benefit from the experience and to have sufficient time to prepare for any English-language exams being taken, pupils are strongly recommended to attend for a minimum of two terms.


Curriculum and English Language Exams

Visiting pupils follow their class’ curriculum as well as participating actively in English classes which are tailor-made for each group. Depending on the class and term, visiting pupils participate in class trips such as Surveying in the Scottish Highlands, farm stays, work experience placements, etc.

For pupils in Classes 10 there is the opportunity to formally validate their English language skills through the internationally recognised Cambridge exams suite. Edinburgh Steiner School is world-leading. Over 2016 – 2020 pupils have achieved a 100% pass rate.



In addition, visiting pupils are taken on cultural and historical visits on Friday afternoons. Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a diverse, dynamic, and leafy city at the heart of Scottish culture. Its picturesque location and manageable size allow for easy exploration. Every street reveals a bit of history and there are many museums, galleries and quality shopping. Edinburgh has the special designation of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Find out more at Visiting Scotland.



Photograph gallery credit: former pupil Jacob Murray