Overview of School Management

The Trustees

The legal, financial and employment matters of the school are the responsibility of the Trustees. The school is constituted under The Memorandum and Articles of Association which established the school as a ‘limited trust’ in 1947. The school is therefore a company limited by guarantee and the Trustees are its directors. The school is also a registered charity and is subject to the provisions of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 including supervision by the Office of the Scottish Regulator (OSCR).

Board of Trustees


The College of Teachers

Edinburgh Steiner School has no hierarchical structure and no head teacher. The policy-making body of this school is called the College of Teachers. All the important pedagogical decisions involving the school are finalized by College. Decisions are reached by consensus. College is responsible for admissions, maintaining standards in the curriculum and all other areas of learning and teaching. College is made up of staff who have been at the school for at least a year and have shown their commitment and dedication to the philosophical principles of the school. This structure is adopted by the majority of Steiner schools throughout the UK and abroad.

College of Teachers


The Management Group

Day to day running of the school is delegated to the Management Group. Four members of College, including the Chair, serve in rotation, together with the School Co-ordinator who is  a permanent member of the group and the Early Years Coordinator. It is the task of this group to prepare the College Agenda and see that decisions taken by College are implemented. The group also holds an overview of the various groups within the school, such as the Estates Group, Staff Development Group and Marketing Group.


Management Surgeries are available:

Tuesdays / Thursdays  at 2.00pm.


20 minute slots are offered unless otherwise requested. To book a slot please contact: office@edinburghsteinerschool.org.uk