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The much loved Friday Market has returned. Having paused for more than two years through the pandemic, it will gradually unfold to become a bustling Farmer’s Market.




Garvald West Linton Bakery

Award-winning Garvald bakery has been the central feature of our Friday Market for over ten years. This local charity offers social therapy for people with learning disabilities. The philosophy supporting their work is based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, whose approach to human psychology and development highlights the uniqueness of each individual human, whatever their disability. He developed particular therapeutic methods that they practice at Garvald that includes giving them the opportunity to express their creativity, find meaning in work and to feel part of a community, through making delicious breads, cakes and pizza slices early Friday morning to sell at our weekly market. Ingredients are organic or biodynamic.  


Weleda Stall 

Hosted weekly by Wellbeing Advisor, Maria Astleithner-Fusseis (also serving coffees, teas & juices)


Garvald Home Farm – starts 2nd September, 2022

Potatoes, carrots, wool and meat, as well as surplus from the garden, will be available to purchase at this weekly stall. Vegetables are Demeter certified, with meat and wool following biodynamic principles of agriculture.