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This time of year can be experienced as a time of quiet inner preparation and waiting, a time of moving through the darkness toward the winter solstice.  It helps us to prepare for the peaceful celebration of the winter festivals (Christmas among others).


In the classroom we try to bring the mood of Advent to the children in a very simple way.  We move toward a deeper understanding of our place in the universe, of all that supports us and to that which we can aspire, by celebrating the four kingdoms of nature.


In the period leading up to this special time in Steiner schools, the pupils hand-dip a beeswax candle and make their own candle-holder from beeswax, clay, wood or plasticine. During Advent Preparation each Class Teacher refurbishes the handmade Waldorf Advent Calendars, decorate the classrooms and common areas of the campus and make a wreath from nature, with four candles.


In the first week, as we light the first candle, we celebrate the Mineral Kingdom, which gives us form – a firm foundation for our ever changing existence.  With the second candle of the second week of Advent we celebrate the Plant Kingdom which gives us nourishment and beauty from the forces of the earth – soil, rain, light and warmth. The third candle of the third week celebrates the Animal Kingdom, which speaks to our inner striving and will. The fourth week of Advent celebrates the Kingdom of Humanity, a celebration of the flame of our human spirit.


Classes 1 – 12 will light their handmade beeswax candle every morning, as well as their Class Advent Wreath and a door of the Advent Calendar until then end of term; and a special assembly is held at the beginning of each week with the whole school.


Ordinarily the whole school comes together to host the annual Christmas Market on the third or fourth Saturday of November, welcoming some 2,000 people through the school gates. This includes the tale of King Winter for the younger ones.


St Nicholas visits the pupils on the 6th December. On 13th December, parents and pupils are involved in the Santa Lucia Procession.


Shortly before Christmas, the teachers perform two plays from the Oberufer cycle of Christmas plays, namely the Paradise Play and the Shepherd’s’ Play. These are offered as a gift to the pupils of the School from their teachers and are also performed in the evening for parents, carers and friends. All parents/carers are invited to attend these performances.


We hold our annual Christmas Music Concert near the end of this term, ordinarily incorporating the Santa Lucia Procession.

Acts of kindness during Advent 

During the cold winter months, many of our school community decide to lift someone’s spirits through initiatives that are becoming a tradition on campus. These include the Christmas Present Appeal For Homeless ChildrenSave The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day and Scottish Baby Food Bank Collection.


Whilst Advent ends on the 24th December, for the School it finishes on the last day of term, Friday, 17th December (Session Dates), with a very special assembly which sees Class 1 pupils and their Class 12 buddy together lighting the candles on a large Christmas Tree, witnessed by the whole school.