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Oversees Cultural Trip – Class 12

Class 12 round off their school career with a cultural trip to an international destination, such as Greece or Malta, for one to two weeks in July.


In 2023, Class 12 are going to Ancient Greece.


The Class 12 curriculum has at its heart to give the pupils an overview of what has influenced the world we live in. We easily fail to remember what the great civilisations from the past have contributed to the world.


The Ancient Greek civilization is called “The cradle of  western European civilization”. For example Greece was the birthplace of democracy, developed by the philosophers Plato and Socrates. The citizens of Athens were meeting regularly to vote on everything, from which laws were passed; on how the government spent its money.


Olympia, situated on the Penelopes peninsula, is the birthplace of our present Olympic games and we will visit this ancient site and run around the original track in sweltering heat. How can I forget to mention that the first marathon took place in Ancient Greece!


Then there is the impact the ancient Greeks had on philosophy, major scientific principles and modern maths (Pythagoras). The amazing sculptures they made and drama was born here. On one of the days we want to visit Epidaurus, a miraculously well preserved amphitheatre. They perform there to this day.

Having been there 20 years ago I was amazed that one can hear a pound coin that is dropped on the stage far below, far away, wherever you were seated. There is no need for a microphone. How did they know so much about acoustics?

Visiting these ancient sites somehow lasts in one’s memory forever. They are monuments to remind us of our ancient past, not to be forgotten.

I hope that many of you feel enticed to come to Class 12 Quiz night on the 24th March in aid of their forthcoming Greece trip in July. Of course some of the questions will be about Greece! There are good educational reasons to go to this country, whose past influence has largely been forgotten.

Class Guardian, Foppe Jellema