Child Protection

‘Child protection’ means protecting a child from child abuse or neglect. Abuse or neglect need not have taken place; it is sufficient for a risk assessment to have identified a likelihood or risk of significant harm from abuse or neglect.
All Child Protection situations are different. Trust your gut – feelings are an excellent guide.




We have several linked policies in this area: principally SW03 – Child Protection and SW04 – GIRFEC.


Every member of staff has a responsibility for wellbeing. They know the policies and keep alert to signs that pupils may need some support or help. Pupils are encouraged to raise concerns about their own wellbeing.


Parents are advised that it is legitimate for them to express concerns to the Named Person / Child Protection Team, or a member of Management Group if they feel that a child’s welfare is suffering or they may be being abused or at risk of harm.

Charlotte Willson

Child Protection Officer, Early Years

Karen Ford

Child Protection Officer, Lower School

Wendy Boyd

Child Protection Officer, Upper School

As a team we are apprised of all Child Protection cases. Therefore please don’t hesitate to speak with any of us about any concern.


Getting in touch – please feel free to stop us for a chat, arrange a meeting, pop a sealed envelope with information into our pigeon hole or hand it to us directly EVEN IF WE’RE TEACHING (obviously we can’t chat with a class but we can read it afterwards) or email us.


All allegations brought to the School’s attention are taken seriously and dealt with confidentially in as far as they can within the criteria outlined in the Confidentiality Policy. It is helpful if as much detail as possible can be provided of any evidence on which this concern is based.


If you have a wellbeing concern please complete the Wellbeing Reporter form (right hand side) and hand it to the relevant class teacher/guardian. The class teacher/guardian will then complete their Wellbeing form, file them in the child’s educational file and action as they normally would. For child protection concerns please fill in the Child Protection Reporter form and email/give it to us, we will then take care of the next steps.


Eyes and Ears Boxes: These padlocked postboxes can be used by any child or adult, and can raise any concern. They can be signed or anonymous. Situated at the entrance to the Music Room (Edinholme) and above the Lost Property (Woodlands), they are emptied once a week on Thursdays. Please put Child Protection concerns in sealed envelope.



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