Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Does Edinburgh Steiner School have a film about the Waldorf education prospective parents can watch?

2. How do you support pupils with additional support needs?

3. How big are your classes?

4. Do you have school lunches?

5. Can my child enrol at any time throughout their learning journey?

6. Waldorf education stipulates a child is seen to have physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well as intellectual ones.  What is a spiritual education? 

7. Your school offers a low-tech education. Why?

8. What is anthroposophy? 

9. How do you teach music?

10. My child is at a school which follows Curriculum for Excellence, how easily would they fit in to your school?

11. What extracurricular activities do you offer?

12. Do you offer bursaries and scholarships?

13. Do you teach all the science subjects at exam level?

14. Is your school regulated by Education Scotland?

15. Where can I read news about the School?

16. Is Edinburgh Steiner School on social media?

17. What do your pupils do after leaving school?

18. What makes your education different?

19. What is a ‘Main Lesson’ and why is it such a big part of the timetable?

20. Is Edinburgh Steiner School a ‘faith’ school?

21. How many pupils attend the school?

22. Are your teachers fully qualified and how are they trained?

23. Is ESS part of the Tax Free Childcare Scheme?

24. Do you have set dates for new pupil applications?

25. Your school is sometimes described as ‘alternative’ or ‘progressive’. How different is it?

26. What do you mean when you talk about education for the ‘hand, heart and head’?

27. How do you deal with bullying?

28. Why does your education seem to emphasise arts and crafts?

29. What is eurythmy?

30.  Do you have school uniform?

31. How do you support pupils with careers education, work experience and UCAS?

32. What is the gender balance of pupils in the school?

33. What are the start and finish times on a normal school day?

34. Do you organise trips and outings?

35. Pupils at Edinburgh Steiner School start formal learning at age 6 or 7. Why?

36. Where can I look at a school prospectus?

37. The ages and Class structure works different to the mainstream state school P1 – P7 / S1 – S4. What Class would my child be going into?

38. Does your school support deferred entry to school? 

39. What is Edinburgh Steiner School’s position on vaccinations?

40. Where can I download an Application Form? 

41. Does ESS have a car share programme?

42. Do you do exams? 

43. How does the School respond to claims that some of Rudolf Steiner’s writings were problematic?