How many pupils attend the school?

The co-educational school has up to 360 pupils from the age of 2 – 18 years old.



  • Our Playgroup for children aged 2 and over welcomes up to ten children.
  • Each of the three Kindergartens have a group size of between 10 – 16 children of mixed ages (between 3.5 – 6 years old).



The School has a Class per age group, of up to 25 pupils per class. Class sizes range from 16 – 25, with the average at around 18 pupils of mixed sexes. Our Early Years groups, Class 1 and large Classes (of between 20 – 25 pupils) each have a qualified assistant supporting the main Class Teacher.

  • Lower School is from Class 1 (age 6 – 7) to Class 8 (13 – 14 years old).
  • Upper School is made up of Classes 9 – 12.


Visiting students join the Upper School for a term or more, often staying with a host family.


We have six Parent & Child groups, and a Baby Group for parents, carers, nannies and grandparents to join with children from birth.


We also have adult pupils, taking the Teacher Education Course or Introduction to Steiner Waldorf Education course.

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