Class 8 Play

The tradition within Steiner Waldorf Education of offering a major drama production has become a cornerstone of the curriculum for Class 8. The play is the culmination of an eight year educational cycle, which has been under the supervision of a Class teacher and is perceived as a bridge between Lower and Upper School.


A programme of drama is carefully developed over the educational cycle, becoming part of Class 8’s timetable. The performance marks the transition in a creative and transformative way.


Pedagogical theatre is a discipline as important as any other pursued in school. It entertains, inspires and instructs in a way that is only possible when the human being, as an enactor, performs a story before other human beings. It creates moments of artistic communion that lead us to clearer understandings of what it means to be a becoming human being, both individually, and in community.’

Arthur Pittis (1996, p.31)

2023 – Much Ado About Nothing

2022 – Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare

2021 – Molliere’s The Prodigious Snob

2020 – The 39 Steps: A live radio play by Joe Landry