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Announcement Of 2022 Class 1 Teacher

From the start of formal education in Class 1 until the end of Class 8, the Class Teacher at Edinburgh Steiner School has overall responsibility and care for the Class, thereby creating an ideal environment for sustained and supportive learning. In our rapidly changing world, having the same Class Teacher through most, if not all, of their Lower School years provides a haven of stability and continuity which is extremely rare in other schools. The children develop a unique level of trust and confidence in their teacher while their teacher gains a deep understanding of the strengths and needs of each child.


It also means a close and supportive relationship is developed between the Class Teacher and the parents/guardians.


The Class 1 Teacher for 2022 will be Mrs Ximena Rohde, a graduate of the Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Education Couse (ESTEC).


Ximena has been a familiar face around the School for a number of years as a parent and later as a volunteer supporting Lower School pupils initially with their Maths, but also on trips.


As a qualified vet, Ximena brings a wealth of knowledge and organisational skills with her.  She has been employed as an assistant, a Subject Teacher and also a Main Lesson teacher within the School for several years now and is always willing to research, learn and develop new skills.  We wish her a wonderful and fulfilling journey with the new Class 1 in August.


Each year there are up to sixty children aged 3.5 – 6 years old in our four Kindergartens. The groups include an important mix of ages, which means our older pupils help the younger ones, allowing them to gain a real sense of their growing capabilities. In their seventh year children are ready to discover the world of letters and numbers through movement, story, and artistic activity.


Each Class at ESS has up to 25 pupils in each. Class 1 will begin the academic year with 17 children transitioning from our Steiner Waldorf Early Years; with several families deciding to give their child a further year in Kindergarten following the pandemic. There will also be a number of children joining this Class from other educational settings.


The Lower School curriculum, rich in world culture, is uniquely shaped to meet children at each developmental stage. View ‘At A Glance’ Lower School Curriculum


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