Social Inclusion




The School does not condone bullying under any circumstance, be it physical or psychological in nature. Any report of an incident of bullying, whether from a child, a concerned parent/carer or a member of staff, will be taken seriously. Any child who sees or hears another child being bullied is encouraged to report it to a teacher.


All teachers have responsibility to initially investigate every reported incident and to inform Kindergarten Teachers, Class Teachers or Class Guardians. After this initial investigation it will be decided whether the incident should be reported to the Social Inclusion Group.


It is the responsibility of Kindergarten Teachers, Class Teachers and Class Guardians to do their utmost to stop any bullying which they become aware of in their Class. The manner in which each case is dealt with will depend on the circumstances and the individual children involved, but the above principles should be adhered to at all times.





Edinburgh Steiner School recognises and has regard for each child’s religious background, ethnic origins, and cultural and linguistic background, so that each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender prejudice.



This group looks at cases of bullying reported to it by a member of staff, parents or by pupils. Contact: Pupil’s Class Teacher and Anne Fleming at:


Attention can be drawn to cases directly, by speaking to a member of the group (via the School  Office), or anonymously via the ‘Eyes and Ears’ box. Eyes and Ears Boxes are padlocked postboxes can be used by any child or adult, and can raise any concern.


They can be signed or anonymous. Situated at the entrance to the Music Room (Edinholme) and above the Lost Property (Woodlands), they are emptied once a week on Thursdays. Please put Child Protection concerns in sealed envelope.


Anti-bullying Policy


Equality and Equal Opportunities Policy